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Over 20 Years of Experience

Our Mission

USAJOBS PRO is a federal resume writing service that helps you look your best to attract federal hiring managers and reach your career goals.

Our Method

We make sure your federal resume meets all the requirements of the government employer and develop content to make your resume stand out.

Our Results

Through our experience and innovation, we have succesfully gotten hundreds of people hired to federal positions.


Resumes for government employment are unlike any other type of job application. From the longer length to the unique requirements, it’s something the average applicant won’t understand. By utilizing our services, your resume will be uniquely positioned to stand out on the USAJOBS website.
Obtain the Career of Your Dreams

A resume is about so much more than just the job you’re applying for right now. It can set the trajectory of your whole career. Whether this is your first federal job or you’ve held a position in the past, our resume writing services will help you build a successful career.

Make the Best Impression

Your resume is a potential employer’s first impression of you. You have mere seconds to grab their attention or you’ll quickly lose it. We make sure that impression counts by delivering error-free, engaging, compliant resumes.

More Than Just Resume Writing

USAJOBS PRO wants to set you up to succeed – not just with this application, but with your whole federal career. Because we’ve worked with so many federal job applicants, we know what works and what doesn’t.
Personalized Career Coaching

USAJOBS PRO leverages our extensive industry experience to mentor federal job candidates. We always customize our coaching based on your unique experience and career goals. Our success is measured by your career success so we take this very seriously.

Submission Guidance

There’s good reason for federal job applications being so complex and competitive. The benefits of working a federal job are many. We review your submission to USAJOBS and provide expert coaching on how to succeed in the hiring process and land the job of your dreams!

Get Hired With USAJOBS PRO

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Why Choose USAJOBS PRO as Your Federal Resume Writer?

We can create that flawless federal resume that your hiring manager has been searching for.
Completely Compliant

Your resume will meet all necessary standards of government agencies.

Keyword-Rich Content

Your resume will be optimized with relevant keywords that showcase your achievements.

Flawless Grammar and Punctuation

Hiring managers will be pleased to see a resume that’s free of grammar and punctuation errors.

Up-to-Date on Federal Standards

Government employment standards are ever-changing, but we stay up to date on them for you.

Uniquely Yours

Your resume will be 100% true to your skills, achievements, and experience.

Easy Application

Federal job applications are complex and time-consuming. Our process is easy!

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