10 Tips for Getting Your Dream Job in 2022

The new year brings the hope of new opportunities and change for many individuals. Many people are making New Year’s resolutions to do everything from getting in better shape to quitting smoking. But what about that old job that you have been working on for years that seems to be going nowhere? Or what about those that are still struggling to find gainful employment.


Well, 2022 is a great year to look into gaining better employment, improving your quality of life and getting on the pathway to success. The ManpowerGroup North America, based out of Milwaukee, recently predicted employment increases in many sectors of the American job market in a recent Employment Outlook Survey, which highlights the employment plans of employers across America.

With those facts in mind, we need to start preparing now to be ready to take advantage of employment opportunities in the year 2022.

Here are my ten tips for getting that dream job in 2022.


1.  Create a Listing of Your Accomplishments 

Tracking your accomplishments equips you with the foundation information needed for the resume and interview phases of the job search process. An accomplishments list is a record of the accomplishments and achievements you have obtained in your career. It outlines the major contributions you have made to each career

position you’ve held and any recognition you received on or off the job. It is not a description of your job duties; that describes the results from you doing these duties.


2. Build a Recommendations Portfolio

The cornerstone of any Job Seeker’s employment campaign should always be their recommendations. You should reach out to people you know and trust and try to gain good recommendations from them and ask if you can also use them as a reference for any potential employer inquiries. Be sure to obtain their current phone numbers, email addresses, and appropriate times to call. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for requesting and displaying recommendations.


3.  Manage Your Online Reputation

These days your online reputation is often reviewed by potential employers when considering you for employment. In many cases, your social profiles will be the source of your first impression to the hiring authority. So, get some professional-looking photos on your LinkedIn profile and other professional networking sites. Update your LinkedIn profile and optimize it so that it has the most UpToDate information, contacts, recommendations, skill information, etc.

These factors will go a long way to making a positive first impression on a potential employer and provide a chance for you to highlight your skills and accomplishments.


4. Create a Professional Development Plan

What is a professional development plan, and why is it important for those currently in the job market?

A professional development plan is a list of actionable steps to achieve career goals. Not only does it help you to define your aspirations for the future, but it also shows potential employers that you are seeking continual improvement and that you will become an even greater asset to their organization in the future. Things that should be included in your development plan are reading lists, certifications to obtain, seminars to attend, and professional training and college courses.


5.  Join Professional Organizations

Joining a professional organization or club related to your job field is a very important step for a job seeker. Firstly, it is a great networking opportunity where you will meet lots of people in your field and sometimes potential employers. Secondly, professional organizations provide insight into the type of skills and certifications required to advance within your career field. Most importantly, stating that you are a member of a professional organization on your resume shows that you are an active member of your career community and that you consider your employment as a profession and not just a job.


6.  Review Job Listings

When you first start to look for a new job, it is important to do your research and get to know what is available out in the job market. In other words, do your research. Don’t just look for variations of your current job; look for career alternatives as well. Create a target list of companies that you would like to work for and the types of employment opportunities that you would like to pursue. Finally, create job alerts on popular

 job search websites that will inform you when jobs that fit your search profile are available.


7.  Set Aside a Daily Time for Job Searching

To be successful in your job search, you have to be consistent. The best way to do this is to have a dedicated time set aside each day to work on your job searches and your application submissions. This time could be in the morning before your day gets busy or in the evening before you go to bed. Whenever you decide, make a ritual out of it and stick with it.


8.  Update Your Resume and Cover Letters

A blanket resume designed to fit all positions is no longer an option in today’s job market. You need to keep your resume updated and ensure that you tailor each resume submission to fit the requirements of each job announcement. Make sure to identify all applicable skill sets required for the position and you highlight your accomplishments rather than your duties. Your cover letter should not restate your resume.

It should highlight how you plan to contribute to the employer’s organization and the skills and experience that you have to offer them.


9.  Know Your Worth

One of the most important aspects to think about when considering new employment is how much you are going to get paid. You should conduct salary research within your career field to set reasonable expectations for yourself when conducting job searches and conducting interviews.

10. Refresh Your Wardrobe

As previously stated, a great first impression goes a long way with hiring officials. Updating your interview attire is a simple way to gain a win in the first impression category.


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