Federal Employment opportunities in 2022

Federal Employment opportunities in 2022

2020 was a very interesting year with the virus, protests, and much more. Many people lost their jobs and with the coming of 2022 even more people will be looking for a federal job. Federal jobs come with a lot of benefits and with a good pay level. Not to mention the federal government has a wide variety of federal jobs, covering just about every industry. Getting a federal job isn’t like getting a job in the private sector though. Today we are going to look at federal employment opportunities that will be available in 2022, some things to consider, and some tips for getting a federal job in 2022.


The New Government

With Trump losing the election, Joe Biden has become the next President of the United States of America. This means that the federal government jobs will be undergoing a fair amount of changes. Those who aligned with Trump will likely either be leaving or be replaced. Not just that but that also means there will be new jobs coming that didn’t exist before.

One of the most likely jobs to be added to the federal government jobs having to do with police accountability. The democratic party has been pushing for changes in law enforcement and President Biden is likely to make changes there too.

Another impact of the new government on the federal job market is the fact that Biden is pro-worker. He wants to help the individual worker be able to live a life without having to work three jobs just to survive. One of the things that he is working on is making a $15 an hour minimum wage, including for federal workers. Also included in his agenda is the purchase of over 400 billion worth of American products. Not only will this help the American economy but it will help provide Federal jobs to manage purchases and to distribute those purchases.


COVID Related Jobs

COVID-19 has had a huge impact around the world. As 2022 is just starting we are also just starting to roll out the vaccine. The previous administration did not do a good job at handling the task of distributing the vaccine. Now that we have multiple vaccines and a new administration the federal government is going to need people to help with the fight against COVID, which means plenty of new jobs related to COVID-19.

More is needed than simply COVID screeners.


New Openings

In 2022 some federal employees had to continue to go to work because their jobs were essential, but not all of them. Some were out of a job due to the virus. Now that the vaccine is being distributed we are going to be on our way back to normalcy. Of course, we don’t expect it to happen all at once and evidence says that it could take some time, but the federal government is an essential starting point to opening the country back up.


Do Federal Pay Charts Go Up?

Pay is an important consideration in any job. With federal employment, you get good benefits and decent pay. COVID has had a financial impact on everyone, including the federal government. With that impact in mind, many people are wondering if the federal government is giving a cost of living raise. Federal employment pay charts went up 1% as the cost of living rose. It may not sound like much but it will help employees with their taxes and give them a little extra money every paycheck.


5 Steps To Get Federal Employment in 2022



Eventually, it is likely that the vaccine will be a requirement for employment at a variety of different locations. Getting the vaccine, if you are able to, will put you ahead of the game and make you an attractive candidate for a federal job. Not just will the vaccine make it safer for you to be working out in public, it will prevent you from getting sick and needing to miss days at work.

Getting the COVID vaccine is a highly debatable issue around the United States so we do not want to pressure you to get the vaccine. We are just giving a recommendation based on predictions being made around the country.


The Federal Government expects a different kind of resume than your typical private-sector job. Take your resume and convert it into what the federal government is expecting from you. As the year goes by making sure that you keep that resume updated. Without this properly formatted resume, you will have a significantly smaller chance of getting a job with a traditional resume.

Plenty of resources are available to help you craft your Federal resume. Make sure to find a reliable resource to help you get your resume in top condition for your application.

It can be quite helpful to have someone else read over your resume to find any errors. Sometimes we aren’t the best critics when it comes to reviewing our own work.



While many agencies have their own websites for job opportunities, the vast majority of job applications are posted through USAJobs. USAJobs is the clearinghouse for all US federal Government jobs. In order to make sure you are aware of all jobs being posted in your areas, make sure to check USA Jobs regularly. If you don’t already have an account you need to make one. You can upload a copy of your Federal resume and other information to the site to use as needed.

In addition to creating an account and checking regularly, you can use a wonderful feature on the site to search for careers in your area then save that search. You can get notifications when that search gets updates. Knowing as soon as a job comes available gives you the opportunity to prepare your application with the most time possible. You never know what a job will ask for, some require you to send copies of certifications or degrees, some may also require you to take tests. Getting to these early helps to account for any problems that you might encounter.



With any job you apply to, whether in the Federal arena or private one, a single mistake can make a big difference between getting an interview and not. Especially when it comes near the beginning of your resume or the beginning of your application. For that reason alone you need to make sure that your application is completely error-free. Errors don’t just cost you the job, they can make you look less professional. If you do make it through the application process to interviews, those errors could be (depending on the error) the decision-maker.

One of the best things that you can do for your application is to write everything in Word and use spell check. The spell-check will help to catch errors you miss but it doesn’t hurt to read through the content yourself multiple times to catch errors. The spell check is not perfect. Grammarly offers a free web-based grammar checker that not only tells you what is wrong but gives you an explanation of why it is wrong.

Just like we mentioned in the resume section, having someone review your application can be a big plus. Another set of eyes can help you not only to catch errors but to find areas where wording can be changed to maximize the way you say things. Good phrasing can make your application stand out amongst all the rest, to make you the best candidate out of the pile.



Getting up-to-date information on Federal jobs and the Federal application process is crucial to ensure you get what you want, a federal job. One of the best ways to do that is to sign up for usajobspro.com.  At UsajobsPro we have career information on the Federal employment system, insights, recommendations, and news to make the application process easier.

Many other websites are out there to help with Federal jobs but UsajobsPro utilizes a variety of resources, real-life experiences, and news sources to help users get what they need. Having more than one source can be helpful so we do recommend getting information from a variety of sources so that you get as many inputs as possible.

Federal government jobs are among the most sought after for a reason, they provide a good retirement and a lot of options. Not only that, once you are in a Federal position you can move within the government to any position that you are eligible for with much greater ease. Take this guide and start on your path to getting a job. It is a year that will be pro-worker and will have new job opportunities on the Federal level.

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