When Do You Know Its Time For A New Job?

Are you feeling in a rut? Wondering if your job is right for you? Or otherwise considering getting a new job? Today we are going to take a look at when it is time to find a new job. This guide is designed to be flexible whether you are looking for federal employment or looking Read more »

How To Land A Federal Job – Your Resume Your Greatest Weapon

A lot of people miss the opportunity of being hired in federal jobs. And it’s not even that they don’t qualify. In fact, most of them are “overqualified.” So, what’s the problem? The resume. Many a time, they search the internet for resume writing tips. On the other hand, most recommendations focus on business resumes. Read more »

10 Tips for Getting Your Dream Job in 2022

The new year brings the hope of new opportunities and change for many individuals. Many people are making New Year’s resolutions to do everything from getting in better shape to quitting smoking. But what about that old job that you have been working on for years that seems to be going nowhere? Or what about Read more »

How to Survive in a Toxic Working Environment

Toxic work environments not only affect our work life but they also affect our home life and our relationships too. There have been many discussions on how to deal with working in a toxic working environment but I would like to challenge this topic from a different approach. Its often said that the best way Read more »


Would you like to know what to expect when starting your new federal or government job? Do you want to know how to negotiate you salary and vacation days? Discover the number one thing you should do within 30-90-days of getting hired into a new federal position. Learn How to Negotiate federal Job Understanding Employment Read more »

Get Prepared for Your Opportunity

I've often heard it said that it's better to be prepared than to be lucky because luck may gain you access to something but preparation and knowledge will help you keep it. The same is true with opportunity, many people sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity to occur for them; but what is an Read more »

Ten Ways to Deal With a Lack of Motivation in Your Career

Being in a career with a lack of motivation is a good way to become stagnant and find yourself in the same place for a long period of time. A lack of motivation can lead to a lack of upward momentum and some people even experience depression. Most people have at least one point in Read more »

A Different Look: Private Sector vs Federal Job Resumes

Knowing the Difference Can Get You Hired!  A resume for one industry is not the same as a resume for another industry. With that in mind, different sectors also have different resumes. Federal jobs use a different style of resume than private-sector jobs. Why do you need to know the difference? In order to be Read more »

How to Get More Federal Job Referrals by Using the C.A.R. Resumes

KNOWING THIS INFORMATION CAN GET YOU HIRED! Writing the perfect resume can be challenging, but putting your experience into a Federal Resume C.A.R. format can make it even more so. C.A.R. (Challenge, Action, and Results) is an essential need for any Federal H.R. Specialist to assess your abilities and skills. This is vital when it Read more »

How To Navigate The Federal Hiring Process

HOW TO NAVIGATE THE FEDERAL HIRING PROCESS     Many people want to find federal jobs not for the pay but for the benefits and the job security. As most of us know though, the government is a massive machine that can be complex, and doing anything takes time. What you also probably know about Read more »